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Front disc brake conversion issues

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Hello everyone,as you can tell I am very new to this site and any and all suggestions are welcome at this point.
I own a 1969 Chevelle Malibu,all original 2 door coupe a/c car.
It came with a 350 four bolt main caps which has been rebuilt with all kinds of goodies.My problems began when I decided to convert the front brakes to disc,thinking that I could use more stopping power and step up with the times by doing so.I have done everything under the sun to try and correct my problem but I cannot get the system to work.
I purchased the kit from a reputable outfit and have used all my mechanicall knowledge and abilities but to no avail.
Can someone please help me and I will be forever so greatful.
My wife and I have worked feverishly on this car and would like to be able to drive and enjoy it and let others enjoy it as well by showing it off at local car shows.Again,I am at your mercy and any and all comments are welcome,thank you all in advance.
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If there are no leaks I would bleed the entire system again starting from the rear passenger side up to the front driver side. Run plenty of fluid though the system.
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