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Front control arms and shafts

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I am needing new front control arm bushings. So I figured that most likley I could use new upper control arm shafts as well. I dont know this forsure just guessing.

Do any shafts come with poly bushings instead of rubber? Or is there a kit that has poly for the whole front that has shafts as well?

Also I dont know the condition of the control arms. But it seem like I recall reading on this forum that some of the front control arms need reinforcement.

So a few questions related to that.
1. What should I look out for on my arms when working on them?
2. If my control arms are needing replaced who on this forum sells refurbished arms? I know i have seen them somewhere.
3. How do I reinforce them or can I get the supplier to do it?
4. Would I just be better off with aftermarket arms If mine are bad? On these I am not concerned about originality but I do want to be able to go to Napa or any other place and purchase replacement worn out items such as bushings and ball joints.
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You might also consider offset cross shafts. As our cars age the frames sag making aligning them a little more difficult. By installing offset cross shafts now you might help solve a future problem. I learned from experience. JMO though. Pete
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