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Front coil overs lowered front ends

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A few of you are using front adjustable coil over shock conversions.

I would like to hear some Pro's and Con's as far as weight, adjustability.

I am Also trying to figure out how If possible to get the nose of my Monte to sit lower to have less drag as I am running down the track, it sits noticeably up in the front on the way down the track. I do not want a real raked look or to give up any weight transfer.
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As you may know, I run QA1 "R" series coilovers (w/BB springs) and Global West upper and lower control arms on the '70...along with 2nd gen ('78) Camaro spindles.
I never really have to adjust them. Once I got the ride height set, all my tuning between the street and track is at the shock settings.
And, I run a 28" Hoosier skinny on the track...a 235/70-15 (26") BFG TA on the street.
On street tires...
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