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Front coil overs lowered front ends

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A few of you are using front adjustable coil over shock conversions.

I would like to hear some Pro's and Con's as far as weight, adjustability.

I am Also trying to figure out how If possible to get the nose of my Monte to sit lower to have less drag as I am running down the track, it sits noticeably up in the front on the way down the track. I do not want a real raked look or to give up any weight transfer.
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I wouldn't do the conversion for weight savings, a regular DA Coilover setup is only 5 lbs lighter than Moroso drag springs and Koni SPA1 shocks. For the taper spring conversions, probably a wash weight wise. Also like Todd said you'll lose travel with the taper spring setups. Full coilover you won't lose a lot of travel, maybe about an inch, the real weight savings is in the tubular A-arms and a rack conversion. I knocked a lot of weight out of my car last winter doing all that. If you go that route Strange double adjustables worked pretty good for me so far.

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