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front brake hard line on my chevelle

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anyone know of a good brake line kit to buy that will include the hard line

from the distribution block to the rubber line mount on the front left side?

how do you know if you have power or manual drum brakes?

ive seen 3pc line kits, do they include this part?:beers:
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I just went and bought brand new stainless steel brake line from the local advanced auto store and a line bender. I think I spent about $13.00 total and it took me about an hour to bend and install. Only problem was for the right side I bought a 60 inch piece of tube and it was about 7 inches too long. I bought a 12 inch piece for the driver side and it bent out almost perfectly. But, it doesn't have the rock guard spring, something I could live without for a $100+ difference.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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