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Frame rust hole

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Well, I am at the point were I can remove the body from the frame and I noticed a small rust hole (little smaller than a golf ball) on the bottom side of the frame right before the body bolt on the passenger side:sad:. Any suggestions on repairing this. Can this simply be welded? Is this an area of concern for support? Entire frame is solid as can be and then I just noticed this one. Kind of bummed out. Any help would be great.

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I found several small holes in my front frame rails after sandblasting the frame, where the pack with dirt that rusted through. One was large enough that I had to cut a patch and weld it in. No big deal. The others were smaller holes no larger tha 1/4". These I drilled out to get to good metal then used a copper backing plate and welded them closed. A little grinding and you are good to go.
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