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This is aimed at Keisler or Classic 5 Speed guys but if you know shoot. I bought my TKO before the TKO500/600 units were avaiable. I know that it is the regular TKO and not the TKO II and not a 3550. My question is does the TKO have a speed sensor and could I have one installed if it does not?

I do know there is an inline speed sensor unit that fits between the transmission and the speedo cable that can be purchased.

The TKO has many aluminum tabs and such on the outer housing. Can I use my cut off wheel to remove these extra pieces?

What other the differences betweek the TKO and the TKO500/600?

Thanks much!


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The early TKO is a 500 in a sense.
No electronic speed sensor----dakota Digital will have an adaptor.
Cut all those tabs off if they are in your way.
Absolutely cut the little square tab off that is on the bottom of the trans
If the support bosses for the vibration dampner (Ford Applications) are not needed--lop them off as well---this will give you a bit more crossmember clearance.

I bought mine in 2002-2003---Modified Ford Trans (in the 59 Elky), If I had known that I could lop all these unnecessary bumps off, I would have done it.

Very important to get that little square from the bottom----I have seen a couple of pics where that nub caught a speedbump----instant trans destruction.
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