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A pleasant find in the process of re-upholstering the seats. I found another trim sheet tucked in the springs of the driver's seat of my '65 Malibu SS. It was NOT VISIBLE at all until I removed the original fabric.

Earlier, when I removed the rear seat a few months ago in preparation of all this, I found a trim sheet in those springs. Good news - they both match each other, and match the cowl trim plate. Only this one found today is in much better shape, see the pictures of each.
This is a Framingham built car.
Thought I'd pass this info on, especially the fact that this sheet was not something you could have just reached under the seat while installed to find.
This will be placed into a ziplock bag with a desciccant. And filed with the other stuff that goes with the car.

Is this odd to have TWO of these in the car?????



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