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Found 71/70 Combo car

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Been driving around outside the city limits and ran across this car. The guy is asking $2,500 for it. We didn't put a good battery on it, but he swears it will run and drive. It's VIN shows it to be a '71 Malibu v8 car. It came with power steering, a/c, rear defrost, and a radio. The dash cap is shot, package tray metal is good. Has surface rust in numerous areas, but the only rot that I found was driver side quarter over bumper, driver/passenger lower quarters, trunk pan has some rot, floors very fair, and front fenders have some rot towards the rear.

The engine is not original. The heads are 441 casting w/date codes of A 10 8or9 and A 8 8or9. The block is a TWF block which is a 350 from a '76 truck.

I took some pics of it today and put them on photobucket, linked below. He wouldn't budge on saying 'no' to selling the complete '70 Malibu in the background. 70 hybrid/

I'm just not sure this is a $2500 car. I'm thinking more along the lines of $1200-1500....but then again, I just sold my very decent '72 SS for $11,000 and have decided that was a mistake!
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Looks like both rear quarters have have problems, it more then likely you will be replacing part of them along with some of the trunk area. If the front fenders are rusted then the area behind them also may have some issues. The last car I purchased that look like this one I got for $800.00 a few months back. I did notice a gold 70 in the pictures in front of this car.
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