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"Forward" pattern or "Reverse" pattern

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I will be ordering a Turbo 400 tranny with full manual valve body and need to decide on a forward or reverse pattern. Can someone please educate me on this subject so I can make my decision and what pattern are you using ?

Thanks again
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Reverse pattern eliminates the possibility of accidentally going into to neutral (or worse yet-reverse) when making the 2-3 shift.
With reverse pattern you're moving the shift lever away from the neutral gate when you upshift. Normal pattern you're moving the lever toward the neutral gate. Go just a little too far on the 2-3 shift and you're in neutral (and hope you have a rev limiter). A little farther still and you're in reverse. That's real bad. Rear tires lock up and you lose control at considerable speed.
The race TH400 I had only freewheeled in 1st and 2nd, not 3rd.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts