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Ford 9" differential clutch pack

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Diagnosing a problem with a Ford 9"..It's been 8 years since installing the new POSI carrier and gears.

When turning corners it appears that the clutch pack is not gradually slipping because half way through the turn the rear end lurches, sometimes rather violently. I suspect that the clutches are worn and "sticking" but it could be something else.

I drained 4 oz. of oil and re-filled with Ford type friction modifier hoping to resolve the problem but after driving a few miles and numerous corners - no luck.

Any idears ?:(
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I was thinking busted spider gears.
I broke those and I am surprised you got that many launches and have not broke them sooner or smoked the clutches.
I had automatics and eventually busted them and when I went real drag racing I put a full spool in the 9"

Just swap in my carrier that is set up with the full spool.
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