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Ford 9" differential clutch pack

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Diagnosing a problem with a Ford 9"..It's been 8 years since installing the new POSI carrier and gears.

When turning corners it appears that the clutch pack is not gradually slipping because half way through the turn the rear end lurches, sometimes rather violently. I suspect that the clutches are worn and "sticking" but it could be something else.

I drained 4 oz. of oil and re-filled with Ford type friction modifier hoping to resolve the problem but after driving a few miles and numerous corners - no luck.

Any idears ?:(
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Thank you. Another question for you in case I have to replace the clutches.:

Does a 35 spline carrier require a different clutch pack than 28 and 31 spline carriers. Do you have a favorite source for those clutch packs?
Also, Posi is for the Eaton clutch type unit that was installed in the Chevy rear ends. Ford's clutch type unit is a Traction Lock, not Posi.
You got me. Shoulda used the generic term limited slip to differentiate from a peg leg. Sorry bout dat.
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UPDATE: Like Big Gear Head said - "Putting new clutches in it probably isn't the answer.

This is a Yukon AG carrier with about 400 track launches - 4.33 gears behind a Muncie 4 speed and a 427 - 3500lb car

p.s. It's a 31 spline vs 35 - so bad memory

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