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It appears from some searching I have done that "You Guys are the Men" when it comes to dashboard wiring. Can I ask for some help here?

I am going to ditch the factory idiot lights in favor of a white face guage set from Classic Instruments. The car is a 1972 Monte Carlo originally equipped with a 350 SB and a TH350 automatic and with the idiot light dash. This is the round guage dash same as a Chevelle... 3 large round holes and 3 smaller round holes. There is a wiring harness that clips into the instrunemt (idiot light) package and energizes the printed circuit.

My plan is to deep six all the stock instrument stuff and start at that connector to get power / signal for my new dash. I suspect I will need to get the dash light power and some other stuff...possibly the HIGH beam indicator, signal light arrow power and a few other things like fuel guage signal and .... from that harness.

I believe that the connector has 12 pins. Do eather of you guys know what the individual pins 1 thru 12 power? I plan to clip off the connector and use only those wires that are applicable to my modified dash. I want to retain any wires that are in that harness that power dashboard / instrument functions which I am not replacing with home built custom witing. Remember the printed circuit and all the factory idiot lights and instruments are going into retirement. Obviously I need the signal ligh indicator and the fuel guage signal from the trunk along with dash lighbulb power and .......

I know there is a lot of stuff in the electrical section of the Forum but I think that possibly the 72 is different from the 70 and 71 and just possibly the Monte Carlo is different from the Chevelle in some subtile ways. I know that the harness that feeds the instruments is original 72 Monte Carlo (built as outlined above) so any help on the uses of those 12 pins would sure be helpful.

Thanks and Happy Holidays

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The cluster connector for Chevelle and Monte are the same 70 - 72.

1- Light blue, left turn signal indicating light.
2- Gray, cluster/dash lighting.
3- Brown. gen indication light.
4- NA
5- Pink, power to warning lights/gas gauge.
6- NA
7- Tan, fuel gauge (from tank sender).
8- Tan, Brake warning light.
9- Dark green, temp indicating light.
10- Light blue, oil indicating light.
11- Light green, High beam indicating light.
12- Dark blue, right turn signal indicating light.
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