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follow up question for coppertop please.

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i recently did a search on relocating my battery to the trunk. you did a great job on explaining the wiring how to's.
please answer a follow up for me;
what size + wire from the battery to the starter. i understand welding wire is good? you also wrote that making a connection from the starter (sharing the connection) with an 8 guage wire to the fuseable link and then to the junction block. i don't have a fuseable link on my 69 SS. what size fuse would you recommend?
further could you recommend a guage for the ground wire. lastly do you think a battery disconnect switch is a good idea with a remote battery?
your original post was an answer to 1966_L78 on 6-20-01.

thanks john.

ps seems like a potential fire, or serious short
if not done correctly.
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