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I have a totaly stock '92 350 from a cop car, minus the TBI and put headers on it. I want to put flowmasters on it, im thinkin origional 40's. What sort of a difference would this make in sound, over my jegs turbo mufflers?
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dp they have a pretty good volume, inside and out. Are they loud, kindof loud. I have heard those clips, but who knows what kind of cam and stuff the vehichles have on the clip. whats you setup?
Now when you say that they are loud enough to be noticed, is that at idle to just crusin through town? I was told that the 40s are the loud flowmasters, is this true? I want my car to be pretty loud, IYO are these the mufflers for me?
my main question is what will a flowmaster do to a stcok 350 cop car motor, with headers? will they be louder than my jegs turbo mufflers?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts