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I have a totaly stock '92 350 from a cop car, minus the TBI and put headers on it. I want to put flowmasters on it, im thinkin origional 40's. What sort of a difference would this make in sound, over my jegs turbo mufflers?
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Check out Flowmaster's website at From here, just click the "Sound Clip" button under the large picture of the muffler -- you should get a good idea of what the mufflers sound like.

Personally, I run two original 40 series flowmaster's on my 1971 chevelle and couldn't be happier with the sound, both inside and outside the car.

1971 Chevelle 350/350 with headers and dual exhaust.

I have a 1971 Chevelle with a 350 / 350 auto. The engine is mostly stock (rebuilt), with the exception of headers, dual exhaust with flowmaster 40s, an MSD 6AL box with HEI distributor (had to get rid of the points), and a mild RV cam.

Inside the car, the 40s are surprisingly mellow -- I can easily talk to passengers or on the cell phone, even with the windows down.

Outside, the car sounds great -- I couldn't be happier. It's loud enough to be noticed, especially when I get on it, but quite enough that it doesn't disturb the neighbors when I leave for work.

Personally, I couldn't have asked for a better sound. To boot, I paid $200 total for two 40s with installation.
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