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I have a totaly stock '92 350 from a cop car, minus the TBI and put headers on it. I want to put flowmasters on it, im thinkin origional 40's. What sort of a difference would this make in sound, over my jegs turbo mufflers?
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I run the Goerlich Xcellerators on my 496 (See the vids in the links below, one is at idle, one is a burnout) I had FM 40s, super 40s, Ultra Flows, and Spin-Tech on this same motor and the Goerlichs are by far the best sound for me, and they are straight through and flow very well. They are pretty loud at idle, not bad at cruise, but at WOT sound lika a NASCAR engine:D
40 series will be louder than turbo mufflers. Will have a hollow sound to it.
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