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Hi, I noticed this is an excellent forum with many nice & helpful people! Ive got loads of help the past few weeks. Thanks for that!

Here's one more:
Anyone got the flow numbers for the brodix RR 180 with cnc chamber option for SBC? I only found this for the RR 200 on brodix site... Maybe Wolfplace has flow them?

Thank You & Merry Xmas!


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Slowpoke70 said:
I'd suggest you PM Mike "Wolfplace" Lewis. He's likely to know.
Thanks Enrique :waving:


Sorry, I have not flowed the 180's but given the improvment on the 200's with just the chamber if you are considering them I would highly recommend it as an option.

If you are interested in them I can probably save you a dollar or two if you email me ;)
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