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Floor pan on a convertible

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I purchased a full floor pan with braces and rockers from ground up and I am about to lift the car off the frame I welded cross braces in each door and I cross braced the windshield frame to the rear wheel tubs Is there any other place I should brace before lifting the car or cuting the pan out I was gong to leave the old rockers in place
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Yeah I was worried about flex in the center, So I put the brace between the floor/side panel supports to keep it from rolling in or out.. With the firewall and trunk seperator panels I don't think I'd flex much, but better to be safe. With the vert, I'd add some into the door openings as well..

Good Luck!
Yes, thats where I started.. But of course, I goofed and tried patching the floors. Not only did it come out crappy, there was still a good amount of rust left over.. So this time the entire floor is coming out, as well as trunk. They are being replaced by full panels with bracing and rockers, etc. No more thin metal, no more "patches".. Only difference is, I have to be ginger around the 1/4's since they are done :eek: So I am taking my time, trimming, test fitting, trimming etc..

From my experience..

Measure, write down, measure, check.. Openings, distances from other stationary parts, floor, wherever you can really. That will help on reinstall

Proceed slowly, it is much easier to remove metal than put back..

Replace the entire section if you have many localized or rather large areas of rot/rust. The metal around the spots is very thin, and will make your life hell while patching.

Don't be afraid to try it yourself. It's not as difficult as it seems. Just time intensive and tedious really. Once you start putting it back together you realize how not hard the job was (but you do respect and understand the money involved when you pay someone else to do it.)

Best of luck!
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