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Floor pan on a convertible

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I purchased a full floor pan with braces and rockers from ground up and I am about to lift the car off the frame I welded cross braces in each door and I cross braced the windshield frame to the rear wheel tubs Is there any other place I should brace before lifting the car or cuting the pan out I was gong to leave the old rockers in place
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Thanks norm
thats what I was looking for. I have bracing at the top of the car I need more bracing a bit lower closer to the floor.
Hey normie you replaced alot of metal on that car I am doing the same did you start with the floor and work your way to the quarters and wheel wells
The rockers are solid on the car but since I purchased a floor pn with rockers I figured I might as well change the whole thing
Thanks again
I braced up the car leveled it up and I have a slight twist to the frame I believe this is comething tat is common with convertibles I lifted the body off the frame and a friend of mine who builds drag frames is going to make me a frame jig so I can get the twist out of the frame something I didnt expect to do but its better to start with a level playing field I am going to work on the frame as I do the body hopefully I will get it done Floor pan first then trunk pan and wells Wish me luck I am taking loads of picks and will start posting shortly
Pics are coming soon...... I am documenting the whole resto of the car. A lot of blood sweat and tears not to mention cash will be going into this car. the wheel wells on my car have to be modified as well, but the funny thing about this is if you look in the ground up catalog they sell the inner quarters with the bracing and wheel well mounted for a convertible I am surprised they aren't offering them seperately convertible Your 66 is truely another favorite of mine. wifey and cash will only alow one car at a time.... Good luck with yours

OMG thank you That will be a great help
If you need the frame chart to check it for sag or twist here it is.

Would these be the same for the 1970 conv
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