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Floor pan on a convertible

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I purchased a full floor pan with braces and rockers from ground up and I am about to lift the car off the frame I welded cross braces in each door and I cross braced the windshield frame to the rear wheel tubs Is there any other place I should brace before lifting the car or cuting the pan out I was gong to leave the old rockers in place
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Have you made sure the rockers are solid.If not you will want to look into that.
The rockers are solid on the car but since I purchased a floor pn with rockers I figured I might as well change the whole thing
Sorry I didnt see that you got the floor pan with rockers.Good call.I have a 66 convertible and its not available.I purchaced the inner/outer rockers,full floor pan with the supports,and trunk.I will be getting new quarters and wheel houses,these parts will require modification as convertible parts are not available.Check the convertible section as there is a few good threads for this.Try to post some pictures. I would like to see.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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