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Floor pan / Front floor brace welding questions

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Just ordered a new left front floor pan and front floor brace this week. I've drilled out the spot welds in preparation for putting the new brace and pan in this weekend. Until I pull the brace out and get a look at the bottom of the floor pan, I don't know how much (if any) rust is in there.

Questions I have are:

1) If I do have rust, will grinding out the rust get rid of all the rust? I don't have access to sand blasting equipment so I can't go that route.

2) Could I apply Rust Block (Por15-type product) into the area between the floor plan and the brace prior to welding?

3) Should I just stick with using the weld thru primer on the bottom of floor pan I?

4) Should I put anything else down between the brace and floor pan to keep rust at bay prior to spot welding the two pieces together?

5) When welding in the new floor pan section, I am undecided if I should lap weld or butt weld the pieces together. I've never welded before so this is my first attempt at it. I am concerned about rust starting in the area that is lap welded so prefer to butt weld. If I take my time, how difficult is it to butt weld the floor pan?
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The new parts are Goodmark pieces so I will assume that they are EDP. My concern is on the original pan.

I don't understand your reply to questions 2 and 4...when you used an epoxy between the brace, how did you do that? Did you apply it before spot welding the brace to the pan? If so, did the epoxy affect the weld spots? If you did it after welding the brace to the pan, how did you apply the epoxy between the brace and the pan? Finally, what type epoxy did you use?

Really appreciate the advice to question 5. I bought welding clips to hold panels together when butt welding. My plan is to place two clips fairly close together, tack the panels together, move the clips, etc. I think that if take my time, I should get a decent seam. I'll grind the seam when I've completed all the welding.

Once I've finished grinding the seam, can I apply the weld thru primer to the seam until I'm ready to prime the whole car which will be at least a year from now?
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