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floor mats

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I'm thinking about some repro floor mats for the convertible. I have had the Pep Boys special carpet ones for the last 12 years and they've reached the end of the road. When I was younger, I hated the rubber mats. I went to the trouble to put in a black carpet in my car and I wanted to see "carpet" not rubber. But I saw some in a 65 F-85 and they looked good. That got me wondering if I should get something similar myself.

So does anyone have any pics of the "original" mats in their car?

Here's the other question. I have accumulated $90 in free parts at OPG, so their mats are looking good. But I look at the Year One catalog at the pic of their "original" mat and it's $50 more. Money is kinda tight right now so free is better. But will it worth it? Should I get the correct set later on when I have the cash? Or will the cheaper set be ok? I know what the answer would be in the Restoration Forum...

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I know this doesn't answer your request for a picture of original mats, but I bought a set of embroidered "The Hearbeat of America....Yesterday's Chevrolet" mats and they look awesome in my newly installed '72 SS 502 interior. Pics should be up next week sometime on my site below. OPG sell 'em!

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