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flex plate

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My 6.0 LQ4 was set up to run a 4l80e. I’m putting a 4l60e in the car how do I order a flex plate for the l460e with a 6.0. parts place said that don’t show a 4l60e hooked to any 6.0. Do you have a part number for the flex plate I need?
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should be the same flexplate across almost all the LS engines. i think some of the newer ultra high performance engines (LS7, LS9, etc) use a different flexplate due to a different bolt pattern in the crankshaft.
maybe, but 3 is half of 6, so it should still bolt up with 3 of the holes not used.
since it is a 6.0- an engine that only ever came stock with a beefier trans than the 4l60E- maybe your existing flexplate has the 6 holes already..
crawl under the car, remove the inspection cover, and have a look.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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