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Flat tappet cam in Roller block

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Helping a buddy put together a 350 sbc circle track engine using 882 iron heads.. He has an 87-95 1 piece crank and roller block and rules mandat that we use a flat tappet cam. The block is drilled for a mechanical fuel pump so we are good there. Im alittle unclear on a couple of things... Do we use a timing set for a 2 piece block, what timing cover early or late? I know we need to use a late flex plate, what about the balancer early late? Anything else I need to know? thanks in advance
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You have to use a flywheel or flexplate that is made for the one pc crank. It will have a weight on it, similar to the 400 small blocks, but not the same. The reason for this is the fact that when they started making the one pc seal crankshafts, they had to do away with the "oblong" shaped crankshaft flange, which was actually a counterweight of sorts to help balance the crankshaft assembly. Otherwise, all of the above information is correct.
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