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Flat tappet cam in Roller block

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Helping a buddy put together a 350 sbc circle track engine using 882 iron heads.. He has an 87-95 1 piece crank and roller block and rules mandat that we use a flat tappet cam. The block is drilled for a mechanical fuel pump so we are good there. Im alittle unclear on a couple of things... Do we use a timing set for a 2 piece block, what timing cover early or late? I know we need to use a late flex plate, what about the balancer early late? Anything else I need to know? thanks in advance
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Hey thanks for the response... That certainly sounds easy enough and was what I was hoping for. That also goes along with what mortec says about this casting number 14093638 1 piece for roller or flat tappet cams. For some reason I had it in my mind that the one-piece engines were external balance and that their might be some time of clearance issue with the timing set, cam walk etc. I wouldn't mind finding one of these blocks myself since it will go either way. thanks again!
Wanted to bring this back up.... I'm still unclear as to what I use on the flexplate, and balancer. I keep reading that the 1 piece rear main seal cranks were externally balanced.... This is the stock factory crank that came in this 87-95 block which accomidates either a roller or flat tappet cam. All the 1 piece rear main flexplates i keep seeing say external balance. What do I do regarding the balancer and and flexplate. I want to get this right as it is not my engine and I don't want to buy it :) Please clear this up for me.. thanks in advance!
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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