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Looks like a great movie its on my must see for this year.Thanks for posting that.Should be some cool old cars in that one.

Yeah they're (ford) are already a rich corporation why not just crush some poor shmuck and steal his invention just cause they can.That was a similar story to the guy that invented the push-button socket release from the ratchets. Sears had to pay the guy who they stole it from, I believe it was 8 or 10 million.
That guy invented it in the 60's and didn't get paid till the 80's or maybe the 90's after appeals.
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If you've never seen it, I recommend it. Shows a good David vs Goliath and never giving up a fight. I think many on this forum are also inventors simliar to the man in the movie. Kinda hits home to those of us that are. Good flic non the less.

Hey instead of "Ford has a better idea "
The little kid with the blender had the better idea lol
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