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I purchased the FCC two months ago from Jegs. I have to assume it is of recent manufacture date and not something from a year ago. I went for a cruise tonight and when I got home I decided to check on the temperature as some have suggested these things run hot. It is hotter then I would have expected. To the touch, it has just as much of a sting as touching a valve cover, which is hot. All metal surfaces nearby to the FCC are warm from general under the hood temps but wow, this FCC is surprisingly hot.

My dashboard log shows at idle or putz'en around town the "Fuel Pump" reads as 50 and up at 3200 cruise speed, it reads 100. So, the ECU is doing what it promised.

I'm starting to like the idea of that return line to the tank from the throttle body to see if that helps cool down the FCC.

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......I'm starting to like the idea of that return line to the tank from the throttle body to see if that helps cool down the FCC.
I would have some concern that the surge tank(FCC) may run low on fuel it high rpm's. The RobbMc tank has the return from the throttle body running back to the surge tank, then an overflow from the surge tank to the fuel tank. This keeps your surge tank full and still lets cooler fuel to circulate via the mechanical pump. It seems to run very cool, at least from my experience.

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Besides the command center, they make a very nice product. I've installed high end FI systems for other people in the past and the FiTech is just as good.

I've had one interaction with their customer service.

Personally I don't think the low end Holley stuff like the sniper is any better or worse than FiTech.
Very few people have used BOTH, so very few have done an actual comparison.

What I found, as a owner/user of both setups, is this:

The throttle bodies both work well.

The self learning on both also works well, although the Holley seemed to learn a bit quicker.

The instruction manuals both kinda suck.

The handhelds are not even in the same league. Holley easily nicer/easier to use.

The customer service/support, also not in the same league by any stretch of the imagination. Every time I called/emailed Fitech, (which was a LOT) rather than HELP, they seemed to have been trained to point the finger everywhere but at their product. Some of their phone answerers are nothing short of clueless. Even the owner tried denying liability for all the bull **** I went through with them...then once he realized I was 100% right, and had been all along, he thanked me and gave me a full refund for the FCC. Someone being honest and telling you they are behind, is hardly a reason to think they have decent CS...
On the flipside, I have also had a few issues with my Holley Sniper. MAJOR difference...they have been very easy to deal with and sent out any part that was deemed questionable, right away, with no questions asked. Their techs actually do have a clue what is going on, and how their product works, so can actually be of assistance.

The product itself has several more, and better, options that come with it for no extra costs...
~ Software that is included
~ Data logging that is viewed in a graph, not a stupid, hard to read excel format
~ Nitrous or Boost capable
~ Two step and Launch Control
~ Actual tune-able AFR and TIMING graphs
~ 100# injectors, instead of 80
~ Much nicer harness with relays and fuses built-in
~ Much broader experience in EFI and EFI related bottom dweller users get basically the same high end software and abilities that the more complicated systems have

Any WEEK now, we'll also have live tuning and logging capability using a laptop.

As a bonus, my car was both quicker and faster at the dragstrip, the 1st time out, with maybe 4 hours of learning, than the Fitech was with 7 months worth.

They both function well, but equal value? Dollar for Dollar? The WHOLE package?
They are not equal. Not by a bunch.

Just the opinion of a guy who has owned both...
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