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Hello everone, new to the forum but i've owned my 396SS for 25 years. My dad bought it for me when i was 15, but i have loved the car since i first saw it when i was 12.
Bucket list are new seats front and back (any recomendations for aftermarket?), headliner and rear deck, stereo, and header back 3" exhaust, and straightening/massaging of the body.
Wish list are a big firebreathing twin turbo butt kicker, a 6 speed transmition with a highway gear, and money to pay for all of it.

Car is pretty solid and runs well. Just need to get motivated on fixing the body (last done by my uncle in his garage 20 years ago), and getting the interior one solid color. Currently it's sandalwood and black, want to change it to all black eventually.
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