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Reading some of the responses on that topic got me thinking. Malibu Jerry has had his 70 as a daily drive since new. While I have had several "play cars" and hot rods over the years, since I was 16 I have only had 6 daily drivers. 1969 until 1972 I had a 55 chevy I bought from my grandpa (3 years), 1972 until 1975 the SS chevelle, (3 years) late 75 bought fuel efficient pinto (no snide comments please) and in 77 I bought a 77 Datsun 280 Z that was a semi daily driver until 1980 or so when I retired it to "play car only status" I kept the car for a total of 17 years. (those two cover 4 years) In 1980 the pinto and the first wife both went away and I bought a dodge power wagon new as a daily driver. in 1987 I traded the power wagon (7 years) in on a Dakota that I drove daily until turning it over to my son in 01 (14 years) when I bought my current Dakota. Now keep in mind we have had the wife's 94 suburban that she drives since it was new, but I have only had the six/seven if you count the Z since 1969. All accept the 55 chevy were bought new.

Someone mentioned not buying new cars since the original owner takes the value drop hit. I keep cars damn near forever so I don't see that as an issue. And with buying them new, maintaining them, and repairing them myself more than half the time I can run them well over a couple hundred thousand miles. Funny thing is, I think the suburban probably cost me more than all of the other 7 combined, well maybe if you leave out the 01 dak.

How many daily drivers have you had, and for how long?

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I am on my 3rd daily driver.

first was an '85 dodge aries 2 door. man i loved that car. Drove it for 3 years.
second was a '93 old's cutlass. When I started my weekly commute between albany and buffalo it was time to move on. I drove it for about 2 years.
Now I have a '99 taurus. I traded my olds to my parents for it (they are awesome parents) and I've had it for about 1.5 years now.

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dads 87 volvo takes all the beatings of me got it since new 250,000 plus miles and still going. looks like crap but gets good gas mileage.

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13 total daily drivers over the last 19 years.

1976 Pontiac Ventura (orange, 6 cyl, want it back)
1970 Plymouth Duster (a blast for $400)
1984 Ford pickup (dad's truck he sold to me cheap)
1988 Dodge Shadow (don't ask, older girlfriend, etc.)
1978 Chevy Scottsdale 3/4 ton (primered and the best truck ever)
1985 Chevy Silverado (too many problems, always fixing it)
1977 Chevy Camaro (3 motors, all during my college years)
1996 Chevy Silverado (first true newer vehicle that I got to pick)
1994 Mazda 626 (sacrificed truck for minivan for wife)
1998 Dodge quad-cab (beautiful truck but issues Dodge would not fix)
1999 Chevy Silverado (wife driving it now until we get her a Tahoe)
1972 Chevy Concours Wagon (cool ride, just traded for the one below)
1971 Chevy Malibu (rough but mechanically solid)

I have a buddy, same age 35, who has had only 2 cars since 16. He thinks I am strange......

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Daily drivers:
1973 Duster 1 year
1968 Malibu 2 years
1968 Chevelle SS396 <1 year
1979 Firebird Formula <1 year
1985 GMC S-15 < 1year
1979 Trans Am <1 year
1980 Z28 <1 year
1985 Dodge D50 4x4 <
198? Jeep CJ8 <1 year
1986 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 4 years (3 of it in storage while overseas)
1986 K5 Blazer 6 weeks
1987 GMC 1500 Sierra 4x4 4 months
1988 IROC 3 days ;) (POS ex-rental)
1986 Monte SS 4 years
1973 Chev SWB PU lowered, built 327 4 months
1987 Chev SWB 4x4 1year
1988 Supra Turbo 1 year
1991 Chev Suburban Lifted with 38s, 2 years and then a Regal replaced it as the daily
1987 Buick Regal Limited
1987 Monte SS 5 years (replaced regal)
1998 Chev SWB extra cab 4x4, not a daily (Monte was)
1999 Chev K3500 454 Burb (Monte still daily mostly till sold after 5 years)
1988 Monte SS bought to replace Burb as daily too low of miles and too nice to drive daily Burb becomes daily.
1996 Trans Am Lt-1 bought for daily in May.
List of rigs still owned in sig. Old Blue is the longest I have owned any car at 12 years plan to hjold on to her for a lot longer :)

My parents 1985 toyota van was bought new in late 84 and has gone 465k miles before being retired to "storage" when my parents retired last year. I know with a quick charge of the battery I could fire it up and drive it around if I had to :eek: I bet though it will get recycled when nobody is looking :D

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I actually have had very few. I worked for Xerox from 1972-1987 and up till 1982 we always had real nice company cars so I had no need for one of my own. Thats why the Heavy Chevy only has 52k miles on it. After that we bought my Wifes 84 Riviera, which we still have. I bought a 83 Chevy Step Side 4wd truck that really was a mistake because it did not have AC, Only kept it 2 years and bought my 85 K5 Blazer. Kept it for 180k miles until I bought the 99 2Dr 4WD Tahoe I have now. I have bought everything new and have never regretted it. Take very good care of all of them and they have very few problems. We were talking about the Riviera the other day. It has 125k miles on it and I bet that other than routine maintenance, we have not spent $1000 dollars on the car since new. I just put a wiper motor on it and I bet that is the first part I have replaced in over 5 years !

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Hey Rick!

I'm one of the guys who won't buy a new car due to the value hit! In '96, I bought my '93 Bonneville. Bottom line, new the car was almost $25K. I got it for $11.6 with 36K miles on it. It's now been 10 years, car has 150K on it, and is about ready for replacement. I figure since I've had to replace a water pump, 2 alternators, battery, and most recently master cylinder. All of those repairs were after the 90K mile mark, except the 1st alternator at 55K. So the warranty period didn't mean squat to me. I figure it was a good deal. Think my next car will be a 2002 or newer Tahoe-we'll see how prices go.

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Ace 841 :eek: man, that is more cars than I have had for daily drivers and toys..... Jerry is the King of the hill for the fewest owned you're a contender on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Sid, you are indeed a lucky man (when it comes to used cars, I know you've had problems my friend). Every "used" car I have ever bought, including my 72 and the jag XE I had back in the mid 70s required a serious infusion of cash and work to make it dependable. I often wonder about one or two year old cars setting on used car lots. Did they end up there because their owners buy new cars every year or is it that they were such junk that the owner just gave up and traded them in for something new.

Not for my personal or daily drive use, but I have purchased a 2 year old Chevy dually that was such a piece of crap that we sold it in 6 months. Within the last couple of years I helped a company I was consulting with purchase a F Super Duty with the diesel motor. It was 1 year old with low mileage. Later it turned out it was on its second transmission. It is now on its third.

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71 Chevelle - 6 years
1990 5.0L - 3 years
1995 Ford F150 - 2 years
1966 Chevelle 1.5 years
1987 Supra Turbo - 2 years
1995 Tacoma 4x4 - 1 year
1995 Trans Am - 2 years
1966 Chevelle 1 year (again)
1986 Ford F150 - 1 .5 years
1997 BMW 540i6 - 1 year and counting...


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These are just a few of the daily drivers I had. I used to buy cheap cars and get 5-6 years out of them, alternating between a couple of them a week. I've been buying new for the last few though. My cheap 88 Camaro is still a good daily ride though.

1970 Firebird
1973 F250
1975 AMC Hornet
1978 Buick Electra
1980 Chevy G20 Van
1983 Cavalier
1984 Dodge Ramgharger
1988 Camaro
1993 Camaro Z28
1999 Silverado
2001 Slverado
2005 Silverado

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Professor_SS said:
Ace 841 :eek: man, that is more cars than I have had for daily drivers and toys..... Jerry is the King of the hill for the fewest owned you're a contender on the opposite end of the spectrum.
That is just the list of dailys. There are a few more that were drivable albeit not daily.
1979 Trans Am WS6, 2 1973 Camaros, 2 more 1969 Camaros, a couple of CJ5s, a couple of beater Ford PUs, and a few more Chevelles that I can't remember all of them.
The list of undrivable include probably another 5 or 6 rigs on top of that :clonk: Out of the whole list on previously owned only 3 are missed:

1991 Burb, 1980 Z28, and 1969 Camaro (stolen)

I have never bought new, but may consider it, IF a Camaro ever comes back. Otherwise previously owned works for me :)

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The new car depreciation bite isn't QUITE as bad lately due to the dealer discounts and manufacturer's incentive programs. Still--for those who fincnce-- the steady rise in interest rates over the past 18 months and the new-car insurance rates, have made the process less attractive.

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BillK borught up the correcting point - company cars. Up until 1995, we had company issued cars for sales work - that's where I accumulate the miles. Of my own, I have had very few cars since 16 - daily drivers anyway.

Starting in 1973:
1964 Ford Econ Van - hippie van
1956 Chvy - this bad boy had a 409 in it (man would I love to have this back)
1974 Malibu (got in late '75 wrecked in '76)
1973 ElCamino
1978 Ford Van (band equipment hauler & tow vehicle)
1978 Jeep Golden Eagle PU (bought used in '85)
1990 F150 4x2 PU
1997 Ford Expedition
2000 Pontiac Bonneville
2002 Chevy Silverado Super cab ( 3 years & 65K on the clock - probably will designate this to my occassional use vehicle, should be the last truck I ever have to buy)
2001 Monte Carlo SS (bought used in '04 with the intent to drive daily - gave to my son in '05 to use).
2006 - Will let you know!!

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Starting in the summer of 1984
1. 68 Chevelle Malibu
2. 72 Buick Skylark (Was to be driver while the Chevelle was restored :rolleyes: ) Bounced it off a Toyota van one winter and the Malibu was primary again.
3. 70 Nova, really should've kept that one.
4. 78 Olds Cutlass, traded the Nova to my brother for it, in response to girls not liking the Nova. :clonk:
5. 82 Mustang GT (great little car)
6. 86 Mustang GT (even better little car, maybe my all time favorite, at least as far as daily drivers)
7. 91 Nissan SE-V6 truck. (too many tickets with the stang)
8. 93 Nissan Altima (wanted a "practical car" to go back to school, but I got a good job and didn't go back to school)
9. 95 S-10 ZR-2 (bought new, part of the reason I drive a Ford today)
During this period, I bought a 68 Mustang, and my 68 SS-396
10. 2000 Ford F-150 Lariat (Still driving it, bought it new, still like it)
During this period, I sold the Mustang, bought Dad's 68 Corvette, bought my brothers 72 SS in boxes, sold the 68 Corvette back to Dad, and got his 84 Corvette as part of the deal, bringing me to my current situation.

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I couldn't begin to list... :(
Wife and I both usually trade for new vehicles every two years or so. I actually was looking at a new truck brochure last night. :)
Plus, all the other secondary "toys" and projects that cross my path frequently.
Thinking back over the past five years...
Corvette C5
Corvette C3
three 2nd gen Camaros
two 3rd gen Camaros
Nissan pickup
two Miatas
Mazda MX3
'67 Elky
two '67 Malibu sedans
Dodge pickup
PT Cruiser
'70 Chevelle
'72 Chevelle
I'm sure there's a few more I've missed. I drive my insurance company crazy!

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counting the 'hand me downs' that I drove in HS, College, and in the order that I got them, and not counting the chevelle which I've had since I was 15...

1982 Chevette, 4 speed manual, no AC, no radio. (my first car)
1962 Chevy Pickup, "Ol Blue", straight 6 with no muffler, 3 on the tree
1986 Pontiac 6000, a 'hand me down' during college. My brother finished it
off when he went to college. :)
1993 S10 Blazer, another 'hand me down' from the 'rents during college.
1989 Chevy Pickup, "Big White". Bought from my dad at 130k miles,
drove to 230k miles, then sold for $2500
2001 SS Camaro, "SSam"first new car purchase, totalled by idiot in minivan
2000 Corvette Coupe, Z51, replaced SS Camaro
2002 Z28 Camaro, didn't like the vette, traded it in.
2004 Chevy Colorado, traded in Z28 on it, my current daily that I plan on keeping a while.

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This will be long and show my age. Total 21 cars, thank goodness someone else has me beat.

At age 14 I bought a '58 Chrysler Windsor for $30, kept it three years
until it was smoking like a chimney.
Next bought a '58 Chrysler Saratoga for $75, gave it a $30 paint job, kept for 3 years thru 3rd year at college.
Sold that for $200 and bought a '67 Cortina GT for $300, seller thought the Weber 2 barrel need replacement, was able to rebuild it with $40 kit. After 1.5 years totalled it in a nasty head on. . .broke both arms.

After that:
'64 Buick Skylark Wagon 4 years (cross country trip age 19 18k miles in 2 mo.)
'72 Pinto (new) 3 years
'73 Ford Courier P/up 11 years
'80 Datsun 210 (new for wife) 7 years
'84 S-10 Blazer (new) Lemon 2 years
'87 Mazda B2000 P/up (new) 3 years
'87 Ford Aerostar (new for wife & kids) 11 years
'90 Ford Bronco (new) 8 years
'94 Toyota 4Runner Lemon less than 1 year
'89 Jeep Cherokee beater (broke that year) less than 1 year
'89 S10 Blazer 2 years
'94 S-10 Blazer 2 years
'96 Jeep Cherokee 1 year
'02 Jeep Liberty (for wife, and kids to learn to drive) 3+ years so far 40k miles
'63 Ranchero (driver project) 3 years
'72 El Camino (replaced Ranchero) 5 Years so far over 200k miles, 1 rebuild
'96 Ford Explorer 3 years so far 101k miles
'94 Dakota (for son) 2 years so far 102k miles

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I buy used (15-30k miles), then drive them about 120,000 miles and resell them. Save thousands each time. Here's my list:

1970 Chevelle for 6 years until committed to play car only, not many miles (hs & college)
1978 Turbo Regal (yes, before the big GN craze) 2 years, 75,000 miles
1984 Hurst/Olds 9 years, 130,000 miles
1992 Olds Bravada - 4 years, 140,000 miles
1994 Olds Bravada - 4 years, 135,000 miles
2000 Olds Bravada - 3 years and going, 80,000 miles so far
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