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I am jelly. 67 WIP. Have test driven it. It has issues with starting. Not getting into it. Jelly I am.
the front valance under bumper. Where you get it? Does it have any value besides looking good.Like moving air for heat removal. Could I get the name of company for said valance. Or scoop or what ever you call it
nice. Nice ride. Sits fantastic.
go on your cruise with a smile

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Thanks for the compliments guys.

The chin spoiler is just a 69 camaro front valance.
I think I got it from auto metal direct or something like that, you can get them all over the internet for about 75-85 bucks.
As fast as moving any actual air, I'm unsure, but if I has to guess, I'm guess it does help clean up some dirty air under the car, and push some up into the grill area.
Unfortunately I never got to drive the car any substantial amount to have a before gauge of the effectiveness of it.
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