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Well guys here it is. My 67, 136 car. I finally got to get the first miles in on the car. Owned it for 3 year and only drove around the block a few times. Tonight was the first real payoff.
Doing it slightly pro touring style.
A quick list of specs are
Full ridetech coilover suspension.
Willwood brakes, 6 piston up front, 4 piston rear.
Chassis bracing for rear shock towers and lower control arms.
New 3" exhaust with x pipe and porter mufflers.
Stainless steel headers.
355 with LT1 heads, edelbrock intake, msd 6, fast ez efi. Engine was rebuilt in the 90s as well. Unknown cam. But seems to run well.
M21 4 speed
10 bolt 3.08 gears.
US mag rambler 18s, Firestone firehawk indy 500s
Autometer gauges.
Just a good basic hotrod. Runs good, pretty fast, it's loud and it handles and brakes well.

It was painted in a late 90s with a non gm red. Its a 25/30 footer. Someday I'll do a new motor, a tkx, and some paint. But overall it's good enough for now. Hoping to do an auto cross in mid August. Still getting a few bug sorted out right now.

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1967 SS396, now with SBC, T700R4, 17x9.5 wheels with 275/40/17 tires
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Looks great. If you are going to autocross you might want new seats! And maybe a harness. Find a deep bucket like this and you will be OK with lap belts: Procar Rally Lowback Seat | Procar by SCAT | Custom Seating Solutions

You can get them with headrests and different patterns. My buddy had these in his Camaro and they were comfortable for long trips too. I went a bit more mild and have their Elite with the Lumbar adjuster.

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I still have a little adjusting to bring up the rear end maybe 1/2 an inch or so. Maybe bring the front end down a bit.
Ordered a buffer, pads, compound, 1000,1500,2000,2500,3000, grit sandpaper and bunch of towels.
Have to see if I can actually make the paint shine a bit. Should be fun.
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