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Hello all,

I don't post much, more of a lurker, but I'm so excited I just had to share it with people who understand...

8 years ago, an F-150 pulled out in front of me in my '69 Elco (first car, bought it when I was 14) and caused quite a bit of damage. The short story is, the insurance company tried to give me $500 and a junk title for the car. After much battling an involving of lawyers, they agreed to give me the money I was asking for just to fix the car and not junk the title. They sent the junk status into DMV anyways and I have spent the last 8 years trying to get it removed (not exaggerating).

While I could write a book on all the DMV has put me through, today I finally got to drive it to work again! New engine, new rear control arms, new interior, and hauling ass!

Moral of the story is, don't roll over for insurance companies or the DMV. It will eventually work out.

This is a picture from the first fill up in 8 years! My friend had a license plate frame on his Dart that applies..."She may not be pretty, but she sure can cook!"


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