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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mark Eckert.

I am "Wookie" over at See more of me
at www. which is our family webpage.

I am picking up a '69 project car. I will be asking a lot of dumb questions. I build cars for a living. Mostly Camaro muscle. I am the resident go-to-guy at nasty for paint questions. Feel free to bug me here as well. I am working on a DVD series. Thanks in advance to everyone for allowing me into the Chevelle community as well.

My 12 year old Autistic son and I will be building this '69 Chevelle as a father-son project. Pictures will go up on as soon as we get the car home. He (Cameron) loves cars and working on them. I look forward to meeting some of the members here. If the folks here are half as nice as they are over at Nasty, I will feel right at home.

Any Florida folks here? I am just on the south edge of Daytona. (Edgewater)

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Love those parent son projects. I'm in the education field have taken quite e few trainings on autism. Amazing how smart can autistic children can be. Once they focus on something they like, results can be extrmely impresive. Just say hi to the young man and keep us posted with pictures. Did I say we love pictures:yes:.
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