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Firewall tag and engine code, please help

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Can Someone Please Help Decode This And Tell Me What I Have

Hello all, I am trying to decode the numbers on my firewall tags, they are

12 Detriot Michigan
ST 65 13837 Body BF 3536
TR 714 E Paint KKA
ACC A49 B70 15381

I know the engine is not original because it has a 454 in it, but the engine numbers are
GM T12
3999289 and on the other side of the fly wheel area it looks like ( L 4 either 78 or 73
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thanks for the help, I looked for some data on the fron above the timing chain cover, and I dont see any data at all there, only on the back of the engine. im not sure if its a 4 bolt yet, im going to have to pull the oil pan off here soon to see, if the most stock was 270 horses, they must have really built this car, because it is super fast, I know it has HArland Sharp Roller Rocker Arms from taking the vavle cover off, not sure about the other goodies yet, but if I find out more I will post it, thanks
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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