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fire to the sending unit

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Well im new to this site and was hoping maybe some of yall have came across this problem. Beore i Go at it I was hoping to get a lil info if possible since its here to use. I just switched my 72 chevelle sweep dash over to a 72 monte dash, Harness and all. Well that went excellent. But no fuel guage, but it didnt work when I had the sweep dash in her also. so I checked to see if I had fire to the power wire going to sending unit at the back of car and didnt, but I have fire to the running,blinkers,brake, tag and reverse lights. so I went to the fuse block and found the light brown wire that I had seen in the back and no fire. so my question if any body can help is could it be a bad wire in the back harness or could it have something to do with the fuel gauge hook up. im gonna replace sending unit but want to make sure I have fire to it first. Any info will be appreciated........ Thanks Brian
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On your gage pink is the 12 volt lead and black is the ground. Do you have 12 volts between the pink and black with the key ON? Exactly what is the gage doing or not doing?
Well, I hope you don't have any fire back by the tank. Gasoline and fire don't mix.
Normally if a fuel gage reads super full and doesn't move, the line to the sender is open or the sender isn't getting a ground back by the tank. Read this link and see if that gets you going.
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