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fire to the sending unit

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Well im new to this site and was hoping maybe some of yall have came across this problem. Beore i Go at it I was hoping to get a lil info if possible since its here to use. I just switched my 72 chevelle sweep dash over to a 72 monte dash, Harness and all. Well that went excellent. But no fuel guage, but it didnt work when I had the sweep dash in her also. so I checked to see if I had fire to the power wire going to sending unit at the back of car and didnt, but I have fire to the running,blinkers,brake, tag and reverse lights. so I went to the fuse block and found the light brown wire that I had seen in the back and no fire. so my question if any body can help is could it be a bad wire in the back harness or could it have something to do with the fuel gauge hook up. im gonna replace sending unit but want to make sure I have fire to it first. Any info will be appreciated........ Thanks Brian
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well the guage is past the full mark. on the back of the cluster there are 3 screw like terminals coming off of it. On my old cluster (the sweep) I had the same thing but had a 3 prong terminal -_- And in the harness there was a plug to go on to it. Now on the monte harness that I just put in there wasnt. I figured it was all in the copper plastic that was on the back of the cluster. Now there was 2 ground wires that were in the harness one went to the emergency brake bracket and theres one thats a lil shorter and not hooked up.I'm not sure if im suppose to put this wire on the bottom terminal -_- thats not wrapped with the copper plastic or what. But the problem I noticed is that I dont have any fire going to the fuel sending unit thats located on top of the gas tank. at the fuse block theres a plug that hooks into the rear harness, I dont have any fire there either. What ya think ??
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Well thanx for the help or info u sent me. Ill figure something out. Have a good holiday
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