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Just a word of caution for those of you who might be thinking of using a rear end out of a car that has been burnt. I just disassembled a 3 series posi that has been in a fire. The springs were dead and all of the metal was discolored. I checked the gears on a Rockwell tester. I used a good gear for comparison. The good gear checked 62 on the c scale. The gear from the burnt differential checked 33. That is a major change in hardness. The soft gears would not last long. Probably one good hard launch would wipe them out.

I installed a set of Richmond gears in a Chrysler 8 3/4 a few years ago. I didn't check the hardness because I had no reason to believe that there was a problem. They lasted for 2 passes down the track before EVERY tooth came off of the ring gear. My customer was upset with me because he thought I had done something wrong. Turns out that the gears were about 44 Rockwell, which was too soft. Should have been about 60.
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