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Finally some place to go!!

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This last month has been cool up here in MN. But now June is here with some place to go. Like back to the 50's. At the St Paul state fair grounds. Is any one plan on going? With over 10,000 car its a great time. Just to go back in history. To see where it all started. Bring back some real good memoires. When I was growning up. Cruzin the drive inn's Like Big Boys, Totem pole... A&w's. Those were the days. We all would like to re live. Well I know I is any one have plans on going?:cool:
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Good Lord, 10k cars? Sounds like a traffic nightmare. :eek: We get 7-800 together for a Toys for Tots cruise in December it's a treat. I guess, if you have to cram all the fun into a handful of months out of the year, it is what it is. :)
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