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Finally got the rest of my sheetmetal for the left side, which includes outer wheelhouse and quarter skin. I have the trunk and trunk dropoff, but have not welded anything up yet. Here is how I was planning to put this together, please correct me where I'm wrong and by all means give me some pointers. BTW this is for my 68 GTO convertible. Also, I only need to replace certain sections of the wheelhouse, so I won't have to cut the old one completely off and modify the one I have to fit a vert.

1. Line up & screw down outer wheelhouse.
2. Test fit quarter panel to check wheelhouse.
3. Once proper fit is acheived, fit trunk dropoff to quarter panel.
4. Tack dropoff
5. Tack wheelhouse, ensure final fit of quarter skin.
6. Weld quarter.

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Clamp the wheelhouse to the quarter and fit them both at the same time. That way you can then clamp or mark the location of the wheelwell more accurately. Make sure you screw everything together first before welding.
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