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Finally! Gonna be 60* in Denver this weekend

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Finally, some nice weather here! I know many of you have been struggling through an unusually hard winter yourselves.

I am so ready for some nice weather so I can get the car out. This weekend I will get caught up on oil changes and car washes to get all that mag-chloride off our rigs (except stored Chevelle, it just needs the dust washed off). I'll also do a little spring cleaning of the ol' garage.

Can you say "Sunday Cruise" anyone? :hurray:

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Sure, and you're going to let the day go and not make the meeting??? ;-)

I've got 6 brand new inches of snow at my house this morning, the sun is out, and it's warm. Enough to make a mess of the Chevelle on the way to the meeting.
Heh, I was referring mostly to Sunday. Sat I'm still tied up with the other last minute stuff that is keeping us from coming :(

At least it is going to be in the 50s all week so you can get the car washed and keep it clean for a few days ;)
What's with the * instead of the ° for degrees? I see that a lot here.
Not sure how to make the other symbol, that is why I use "*".
Where's the "option" key?? :confused:
I was wondering the same thing :confused:
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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