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Fan shroud woes...

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I'm in the middle of swapping in a new small block and am using new solid mounts and needed to use mount shims so the trans and block would line up.

Unfortunately this moved the fan up enough where the plastic shroud hits the fan up top, and without major surgery the shroud can't be modified to move nay higher. i tried to see if a smaller fan would fit but the biggest I could use is a 16" fan which is too small for the shroud opening...

I ordered this shroud from GoodMark and tried it..

It gave me the room I needed to move it up on the radiator but it seems very shallow..only 2 inches in depth and it looks like there are notches in the shroud up and down like there needs to be a spacer of some sort between the radiator and the that the case???

I don't think I can get the flex fan deep enough into the shroud without hitting the radiator in this configuration. I'm using a Champion 3 core Aluminum radiator, not a stock radiator.

I've seen Impala radiator shrouds similar to the metal one I ordered where the shroud seems to be much deeper.... Other than the depth, is hte dimensions of this shroud the same???

The only other options are either using one of those universal chrome half shrouds that mount through the radiator core (which I'm not sure work as well cooling wise because of the open bottom) or to byte the bullet and go electric, which I don't really want...

Even if I go electric, because I had to switch to a long water pump (timing cover was too thick for the short pump) only certain electric fans will fit. The Ford Contour fan seems to be a viable solution if it's shallow enough or a couple of 12 inch fans right off the radiator might work (I staggered a 14" and a 12 inch fan and I think they fit too...that might be a better idea...)

Any thoughts on the metal shroud or trying to get another setup to work?? This engine swap has been a royal pain..nothing has fit :mad::angry::angry::
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What he said...
Why are you shimming up the engine? Going to mess up your driveshaft front ujoint angle, among other things.
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