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Falstaff beer gone.HELP!!Anyone in Houston TX??

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One of my all time favorate cheap beer is gone for good:( The last run of the stuff is in the houston area.Any one interested in helping out a fellow chevelle buddy and sending a case to FL.Of course I would paypal or snail mail you the $$.I need my last Falstaff fix!!
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I'm too young to remember it in the hey day. To me, the name was always a second rate brand until I read the history tonight on the link on this post. Now I know that it was a great brand, the leading brand at one time. I'm sorry to you guys that knew Falsaff and loved it.

FWIW to all you Falstaff lovers (and at the risk of offending other beer fans), I've never liked A-B products although I do admire their recent efforts to raise their image. And I can only tolerate Miller. Maybe I'd have been a Falstaff guy.

Any chance someone will micro brew this one and find a whole new audience, or is the brand image destroyed?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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