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I know its not a Chevelle question but, you guys are alot sharper than I am on transmissions. I bought a 05' F150 with a prior salvage title and only 9300 miles. Its a 4.6 Automatic 4x4. I drove the truck 150 miles or so with the furthest trip being about 45 miles one way. I had no problems with the transmission shifting etc.
Then today the out of the blue I lost all the forward gears... No warranty as it's a prior salvage vehicle. The vehicle was hit in the front but, not enough to get back into the motor. The guys that fixed it said they put on a new trans. line to the cooler.
Anyway, reverse works fine but, no forward gears. The fluid has a good red color and doesn't smell burnt. I even put it in low range 4 wheel drive as I've had slipping transmissions that will still move this way.
I'm at a loss.... not sure what's wrong. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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