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external slave for tremec

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I have a 72 that I've installed a 383 with a quicktime bell and a tremec tko 600,I've also installed a hyd clutch system consisting of a firewall mounted master and a tob slave,(99% sure its a ram clutch product)works great except my slave is now leaking from the internal orings,i want to install an original type tob and pivot arm,which I have.What I would like to do is install an external slave,so I need a mount and a slave and never visit this leak again,any idea what I need?thanks
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In my 59 Elky
I used a bellhousing for an 87 Chev pickup and used that slave cylinder.

This car does a lot of just sitting, and it has taken 6 years for my slave to show any sort
issues (internal leak somewhere that will allow the car to creep if you hold the clutch in too long---like traffic jams), but no leaking to the floor.

Only drawback to this is that you need to get a spacer ring for your Tremec.
Might still be available thru McLeod, but I have seen others that do not require
machine work on the Tremec's bearing retainer as mine did.

I tried to use as much OEM type stuff as possible on both of the Elkys,
And will do the same for the Ranchero.

I have heard that a lot of the aftermarket wet systems need to regularly exercised to prevent leaking-----sitting in the garage for 30-60 days without excercising the clutch
may lead to premature leaking (<<<that sounds funny) and failure.
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