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Anyone from central nj know of a good place i can go to get an exhaust leak fixed?

I cant find the exhaust leak on my car but know its there cause there is a bad smell of exhaust in the car and your clothes smell like exhaust after you drive in it for awhile

The exhaust is dual exhaust pipes welded staright back, so i think the leak has to be the manifolds or gaskets

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1. Put car on jack stands--SECURELY.

2. Start engine, let it idle in Park or Neutral.

3. Before exhaust system has a chance to get screaming hot, have a helper put his hand over the outlet(s) hard enough to build pressure in the pipe. He "probably" won't be able to seal it so tight that the engine kills unless he REALLY works at it.

4. Slide under the car and note all the places you hear exhaust whistling out of the pipes. Those are your exhaust leaks.

5. "Exhaust" smell inside the car can be from oil residue on the manifolds; or from paint curing on the engine; or whatever--and it's wafting into the passenger compartment through unsealed holes in the firewall.
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