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Ever hire an auctioneer?

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Long story short; I'm considering pcs'ing to Korea for a year and if I do I don't want to have to worry about putting my stuff in storage, so I thought about just having a public auction at my house.

I'd keep a few things but pretty much everything else will be in the auction. (all the furniture, tv, stereo, washer/dryer, dishes, etc.)

The Chevelle might be in the auction, depends on how I'm feeling at the time. Might even put my S-10 and my Cavalier in there too.

But I'm wondering if anyone knows how the auctioneer fees are, if they're expensive, or do they get a percentage of all the money you make off the auction?
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You're going for only 1 year, and thinking of selling ALL your stuff, and then having to replace it a year later? You must be making a ton in that year. At an auction like that plan on getting about 10 cents on the dollar for your stuff (if your lucky) and then the auctioneer gets their percentage off of that. I own mini storage units, and sometimes have to auction units for non payment. Sometimes I'm lucky if I get even 1 bid. Several times I've not even received a bid and had to pay someone to take the stuff to the dump!
I'm in a small rural town, and the rates will vary depending upon a lot of factors in your area. The main one is supply and demand. For a 10x20 size for example (you can store a car in there) I get $69 per month. If you are in a military town, the supply should be good, and the rates should be ok.
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