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Ever hire an auctioneer?

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Long story short; I'm considering pcs'ing to Korea for a year and if I do I don't want to have to worry about putting my stuff in storage, so I thought about just having a public auction at my house.

I'd keep a few things but pretty much everything else will be in the auction. (all the furniture, tv, stereo, washer/dryer, dishes, etc.)

The Chevelle might be in the auction, depends on how I'm feeling at the time. Might even put my S-10 and my Cavalier in there too.

But I'm wondering if anyone knows how the auctioneer fees are, if they're expensive, or do they get a percentage of all the money you make off the auction?
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Most auctioneers typically get 20% of the sale price. Now, there are a couple of ways to do it. They can take 20% off what they give you, or they can take 10% and then charge the buyer the other 10% (called a "buyer's premium"). Some places charge a smaller percentage if the sale price of an item is over a certain amount (such as 10% of the sale price of a car that sells for $6,000). Many auctioneers also charge extra if you have an item with a reserve price (meaning you set a minumum price at which you will sell, and "reserve" the right to decline a sale if the high bid is below that price). This is to pay them for going through the motions of selling an item that does not sell.
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