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epoxy then filler

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hey guys i just finished welding a new lower on my dads nova fender. its gunna need filler but i am going on vacation and its going to a show as a work in progress so should i shoot it with a coat or two of epoxy and then when i get back and the car gets back scuff the epoxy and apply the filler for my bodywork??


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that will work just fine

be sure to use all metal or fiberglass filler over the seam
I agree. I like to apply resin filler directly on the joint then grind it flush before applying epoxy primer. Then plastic filler over epoxy primer. The resin seals any pinholes in the joint from getting moisture through from the backside. Once moisture gets to regular plastic filler it gets soaked up and the paint bubbles. I used this method with welded joints 9 years ago on my SS and no problems yet.
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