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engine wiring harness replacement want good one.

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72 elcamino 454 with gauges dash with A/C

installing mine and I found many brittle wires.

Who has replaced one and whos did you buy and why??
Thanks for any help.

Mr. D
72 454 El Camino
68 RS/SS Camaro
73 RS/LT/Z28 Camaro
99 Firebird TA WS-6 A4
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Got mine from Year One because of previous experience with their good service and return/correction policy. Some places have no mercy if stuff doesn't work or fit right.
The engine harness worked fine, and the forward light harness was made for an internally regulated alternator at my request(original 64 was externally regulated)and fit right worked perfectly first time. Now I have an internal reg. alt. that looks stock.
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